Welcome And Thank You For Viewing My Work!

Photography By Paul Purpura is located atop Devil's Knob in Roseland, Virginia. I have been a Professional Photographer for over 10 years. 

My work has been published in National Geographic Maps, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Blue Ridge Life Magazine, and Wintergreen Performing Arts.

What Separates Me From Other Photographers?

I don't take pictures, I create great photographs. I capture the emotion and the intensity of what is happening in the moment.

Imagine, capturing for a lifetime, the look of delight on your child's or grandchild's face skiing down a trail or something equally exciting. Imagine capturing the emotions and excitement of two people celebrating a special anniversary. Finally, imagine preserving the memories of a family reunion when family members live all over the country.

High quality photographic work is what I do. I create great photographs and I do it consistently. Don't trust your memories to someone who sets their camera to "Full Auto" and hopes for results that are "Good Enough." You deserve better. You deserve "Great." You deserve a photographer who consistently demonstrates mastery of the craft. Let me preserve your memories.

Thanks Again For Viewing My Work!